Pipeline and utility damage prevention is a critical element of any construction project that involves excavation or significant disruption of soil, and proper line locating is an important part of that shared responsibility. We understand the dangers of ground disturbance, and bring expert pipeline and utility locating services to customers across Alberta and western Canada, so that you always know exactly where to dig. With billing from Edmonton, Red Deer and Calgary, Empire Line Locating is always ready to help.
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Line Locating

For any ground disturbance, industrial, commercial or residential, call Empire first. Our expert technicians will help you locate underground utility lines and pipelines safely, quickly and efficiently, with exceptional accuracy and professional service.

Emergency Service

Things change. Oil spills happen. Projects get moved up. Plans get switched around and new situations develop suddenly and unexpectedly. Empire understands, and we’re always ready and willing to respond to emergency and priority calls.

Line Strike Investigations

Didn’t call Empire first? That’s okay, we don’t judge. But when a line strike does occur, it must be investigated properly to understand the incident and help prevent future ones. Our experts can evaluate the strike site and provide valuable insight.

One-Call Management

Managing Alberta One-Calls can be a tremendous challenge for any company that owns underground facilities, but it’s one we specialize in. Empire’s one-call screening and locating expertise means you can rest easy knowing all your one-calls are being professionally and safely screened and located by a team of dedicated professionals, all at extremely competitive rates and within the 48-hour window. Let us show you how the experienced, efficient line locating by Empire can help manage your one-call contracts.
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